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Hi. I'm Eric.

I'm addicted to creating things. I spend a lot of time writing software. Or playing with legos. Sometimes climbing trees.

I brook no nonsense in the name of mindless good taste. I have an affection for British comedy and use sarcasm more liberally than generally translates well on the interweb.

I accept the existence of people without ambition, but I can't comprehend the condition.*

contact options

  • I haz an email: . This is probably the most consistent way to find me.
  • I have a bunch of software on github (though I try to foist most of the interesting/reusable bits to the Polydawn org).
  • I frequently use the Matrix to communicate; I'm there.
  • You'll probably find most of my free time going into repeatr — so if you're enthusastic about reproducible builds, binary transparancy, and auditable large systems, do let's chat, eh?