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Hi. I'm Eric.

I'm addicted to creating things. I spend a lot of time writing software. Or playing with legos. Sometimes climbing trees. Or dinosaurs. (It happens.)

You're relatively free to presume my gender pronouns, but it's inadvisable to presume my timezone.

I brook no nonsense in the name of mindless good taste. I have an affection for British comedy and use sarcasm more liberally than generally translates well on the interweb.

I accept the existence of people without ambition, but I can't comprehend the condition.*

Professionally, I have a strong emphasis on reliable systems: my current focus is primarily on container systems, reproducible environments, and how to use them to enable other developers to work faster and and more correctly. (Check out Repeatr!)

Previously, much of my educational emphasis was on cryptography and trustable distributed systems. I have a ton of interest in high performance concurrency design. I get a kick out of machine learning applications. I dabble in web design and UX.